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Helping you achieve your optimal wellbeing


Paras Wellbeing works with all individuals and organisations in increasing mental health awareness and understanding wellbeing. Working collaboratively, Paras Wellbeing offers you bespoke packages in helping you in achieving your wellbeing goals and increasing your staff wellbeing. We will work with you in understanding your organisational culture and help you build a healthier, happier workforce. Additionally, Paras Wellbeing offers unique evaluations tailored to your needs to understand the impacts of your interventions. With Paras Wellbeing you will receive:

☛ A person centred approach that seeks to understand your experiences and their impact

☛ The latest scientific methods using a holistic approach in understanding wellbeing 

☛ The use of novel technology; Heart Rate Variability in understanding the physiological impacts

☛ Evaluation of your workplace culture to help you build towards a positive culture for staff and the organisation

Exploring Opportunities

Paras Wellbeing are always looking to collaborate with individuals and organisations who are looking to conduct research or evaluations. With experience in mixed methods research, Paras Wellbeing can provide you with a gold standard, industry recognised assessment to help you understand workplace cultures, workplace wellbeing or the impact of your interventions.

Gold Standard Research, High Qulity Research

Gold Standard


Heart Rate Variability, HRV, HRV Biofeedback

Heart Rate


Person centred approac, Your wellbeing

Person Centred


Organisatioal Culture, Organisational wellbeing, Busniess wellbeing



Heart Rate Variability, HRV, HRV Biofeedback

Using latest advances and technology in Psycho-physiological science, Paras Wellbeing is a leading organisation in providing you with personalised Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data, Bio-feedback therapy, training, assessments and more. By focusing on your 'fight, flight or freeze' and 'rest and digest' response, we can help you in understanding how your emotions influence physiology and truly understand the impact of any intervention.

3 Pillars Transparent bck .png

Using a holistic approach, Paras Wellbeing appreciates that there are multiple factors that can impact your wellbeing. Determining factors such as current and previous relationships, current and previous experiences and your body (via the extended nervous system) can all influence your wellbeing. Using a relational approach, Paras Wellbeing understands your needs by listening to your experiences and working with you in achieving your goals.


Organisatioal wellbeing, business wellbeing, Organisatinal wellbeing course

Organisational Services

Paras Wellbeing offers you a bespoke  service tailored to your needs. Offering workshops, seminars, CPD sessions focused around mental health awareness, wellbeing and cultures, we work with you in increase staff wellbeing.

Practitioners evaluation, Therapist Evaluation

Practitioners / Therapist

Whether you run one to one or group interventions, Paras Wellbeing offers you a bespoke evaluations, using the latest technology in applying a holistic, integrative framework to understand the impact of your interventions. ​

Individual services, Personal wellbeing

Individual Services

Paras Wellbeing offers you a bespoke one to one service tailored to your individual needs. Working collaboratively, your aims and goals will be the foundations of each session, empowering you to be the best you.


Director & Founder of Jambo Yoga

Paras is beyond a gem..... he is an actual diamond. Cautious, meticulous and curious about the future shapes and shifts of health and well-being. These are just some of the qualities we are delighted to see within a researchers principles! I have enjoyed working with Paras in several topics over the recent years. He has supported Jambo Yoga & Forrest Yoga in recognition of simple breath work. Paras has been unquestionably valuable in enabling us to validate the teachings of yoga and meditation practises that revolve around deep breathing. We all very much look forward to working with him again and we are excited to see what he does to raise the awareness of human potential.

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