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An opportunity to experience and engage in a music session designed to promote a feeling of wellbeing and connectedness with others. Join us for a 40 minute session where you will listen to music created by artists and together we will share any memories, emotions or experiences this music evokes.

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Dr Chika Robertson, Violinist and Music/ Wellbeing Educator

Wellbeing Live Team:


Dr Paras Patel

Trauma Informed Consultant 

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Prof. Nigel Osborne

Leading composer and pioneer of music therapy

Dr Paras Patel and Dr Angela Kennedy, Trauma Informed consultants, have worked with Prof. Nigel Osborne and his team at X-System (software that predicts our responses to music) and Dr Chika Robertson from the Music Mind Spirit Trust to collaborate with musicians to bring you to carefully formulated playlists to help promote your wellbeing and our connectedness with others.

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Listen to Prof. Nigel Osborne explain the X-System process of music analysis

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This free online music event is focused around connecting with our humanity and uses a musical playlist devised by artificial intelligence to make you feel good and uses songs created by our artists. The chat will be facilitated by Mental health consultants. This event is open to all but particularly welcomes NHS staff and other key workers and people with lived experience of illness or adversity. The musicians will play their compositions live and participants will listen together and join in an online chat if they wish around the things that the music evokes for them. 

Running weekly on Thursday's at 19:00, the event will last about 40 minutes. Please try to stay until the end. 

Thank you Prof. Nigel Osborne and his X-System team and all the musicians. You can find more playlists devised to support us during times of adversity by changing our emotional states on this link.



Join us 

Time: 8th April 2021 07:00 PM London

This week we are excited to travel to Malta with:

Suzanne Cacciottolo

Victoria Fenech

Peter Fenech



Meeting ID: 210 896 2403

Password: Conn3ct!

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Week 1- 30th April 2020: 

Connection playlist curated by Prof. Nigel Osborne

Week 2 -  07th May 2020:

Calum Tordoff

Sam Shields

Dave Camlin

Week 3 - 14th May 2020:

The Music Mind Spirit Trust- Young Artist Musical Ambassadors (YAMA):

Rebecca Sewell 

Amalia Young 

Elizabeth Nurse 


Wellbeing live: Connection through Music archive:

Week 4 - 21st May 2020: 

Finlay Anderson

Bernat Duran and David Delgado

Marianne Sice

Week 5 - 28th May 2020: 

launch of trauma playlist

launch of depression playlist

Live: Alistair Sutherland

Week 6 - 04th June 2020

Playlists curated by Prof. Nigel Osborne using


Live: Elliott Frisby


Week 7 -11th June 2020

Music and Movement with Dr Laurie Rauch – Calm Foundation https://www.keepingcalm.co/

Biljana Lipic - http://www.biljanalipic.com/


An honour to put on a special event for care homes around the nation! To have 100+ care homes (staff & residents) connect with us, seeing staff and residents sing, dance and enjoy an afternoon of music was truly sensational. See the video below:

Week 8 -18th June 2020

“The Sunny Meadow” - transport yourself with music therapist Emmeline McCracken, violin.

Natasha Hallett, violin

Jennifer Janse, cello

Week 10 -02nd July 2020

Amalia Young - Violin

Cecilia Young - Guitar

Week 9 -25th June 2020

Andy Clarke - Acoustic guitar

Vikki Price - Singer/songwriter

Week 11 -09th July 2020

Rhys Morris - Guitar: folk

Jonannes Dalhuijsen - Clarinet and sax

Paul Mirfin - Singer/ songwriter

Week 12 -16th July 2020

Louisiana lock-down from The Bayou 

Mark Ross-Clark - voice; Rachal Bouriaque - Guitar and voice ; Ryan Kersh - Bass; Margaret Hall -  Harp

Week 13 -23rd July 2020

Nathan Knight - Double bass

Week 14 -30th July 2020

Ping Hua - Master pipa performer

Jiayu Xie - Pipa

Nigel Osborne - Guitar

Week 15 -06th August 2020

''An Adriatic Journey''

Leonarda Budija, with Clea Friend,

Nigel Osborne, Ruaraidh Osborne

and Jonathan Walton

Week 16 -13th August 2020

Djembe John - Body Rhythm

Didjan - with Bec Applebee & Richard Trethewey with special guest

Kriss Lannen

Cornish Folk Music

Week 17 -20th August 2020

"From the mountains of Bosnia" - Music created and performed by young people from the Los Rosales Centre for Special Needs, Mostar, supported by local community musicians and students from the Sarajevo Academy of Music.

Week 18 -27th August 2020

Segawa Bosco presents 'M-LISADA and the Music of Uganda'

 and Kitty Farrell, violin

Week 19- 03rd September 2020

The 'High priestess of pop macabre' Calista Kazuko &

'Folk-noir' sensation Echo Wants Her Voice Back 

Week 20- 10th September 2020

Journey with Prof Nigel Osborne

From Kitgum to the Bekaa — pictures of practice with refugee children from North Uganda and Syria

Week 21- 17th September 2020

Care Home Special

Martin Stephenson; Alistair Sutherland

Mark Ross Clark; Bennett Hogg

Week 22- 24th September 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music - “Musical Breathing for Rest and Rejuvenation"

Rama Suphadet - Violin

Elizabeth Kirov - Violin

Calista Georget - Piano

Week 24- 08th October 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music - 

The Falloons

Week 25- 15th October 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music - 

Painting with Music

Penny Grennan 

Pete Moran

Sarah Reid

Week 26- 22nd October 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: Knighton Festival

Graham Trew, with Richard Lewis

Camilla Cancantata

Rose Westrip

Week 27- 29th October 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: Movement and Music

David Roland


Week 28- 5th November 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music:

Noga Ritter

YAMA present 'Stand by Me'

Week 29- 12th November 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

Barbara Thompson

Ana Gracey

Week 30- 19th November 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

Fred Claridge

Week 32- 03 December 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

‘Trails of Silence’ with Folkert Oosting, Peter Brunt & Alex Simu

Week 33- 10th December 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music 

Ben Fitzgerald

Care Home Special - 18th December 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music 

Care Home Special with Ellington Colliery Brass Band

Week 36- 24th December 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

Christmas Special

Week 37- 31st December 2020

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music 

New Year Special

Week 38 - 07th January 2021

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

Emerging Talent with Rose Westrip, Sam Shields and Jennifer Walker

Week 39 - 14th January 2021

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music 

A Musical Journey from bump, to babe, to adolescence, to community’

Week 40 - 21st January 2021

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

Caitlin Watkins

Week 42 - 04th February 2021

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

Steve Nash, Ged Camille, Vikki Price and Elizabeth Kirov

Week 44 - 18th February 2021

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music: 

celebration of Love with Andy Clarke, Calista Cazuko, Alistair Sutherland, Amalia & Cecilia Young

Week 45 - 25th February 2021

Wellbeing Live: Connection through music

Henk van Twillert

(Live from Portugal)

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