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Practitioners & Therapists

Have you ever wondered what impact your interventions are having?

Using the latest science combined with novel technology, Paras Wellbeing can offer a psychological (mental) and physiological (physical) understanding of what has changed for your clients.

Mindfulness Based 
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Dance /
Fitness Therapy
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Energy Healing




Psychological therapies
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Music Interventions 
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Tai Chi and Movement
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Using the integrative holistic wellbeing framework, developed and tested by Dr Paras Patel, the wellbeing approach offers a detailed psychological and physiological understanding on the impacts of your interventions. Paras Wellbeing will provide you with:

-A holistic approach in understanding the impacts of your interventions

-Use of the latest technology and methodology in accurately mapping physiological changes  

-Rigorous statistical analysis and thematic analysis of your data

-Scientific reports detailing impacts helping you promote the benefits and increase business

Exploring Opportunities

Paras Wellbeing are always looking to collaborate with individuals and organisations who are looking to conduct research or evaluations. With experience in mixed methods research, Paras Wellbeing can provide you with a gold standard, industry recognised assessment to help you understand workplace cultures, workplace wellbeing or the impact of your interventions.


Gold Standard


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Heart Rate



Person Centred





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Using latest advances and technology in Psycho-physiological science, Paras Wellbeing is a leading organisation in providing you with personalised Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data, Bio-feedback therapy, training, assessments and more. By focusing on your 'fight, flight or freeze' and 'rest and digest' response, we can help you in understanding how your emotions influence physiology and truly understand the impact of any intervention.

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Using a holistic approach, Paras Wellbeing appreciates that there are multiple factors that can impact your wellbeing. Determining factors such as current and previous relationships, current and previous experiences and your body (via the extended nervous system) can all influence your wellbeing. Using a relational approach, Paras Wellbeing understand your needs by listening to your experiences and working with you in achieving your goals.

Considering using us?

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